Forest Harvesting and Manufacturing

Forest Harvesting and Manufacturing

CheckMate understands working in the forest industry in a highly flammable environment, where loss of production and safety is a concern, protecting your staff and assets with fire suppression equipment makes good business sense. Fire suppression systems detect and suppress fires on harvesting and manufacturing equipment saving lives and property. CheckMate offers radio controlled field service maintenance and qualified technicians anywhere your jobsite may be, in the bush, your shop or processing mill. From Fire extinguishers to vehicle fire suppression systems, fire alarm and sprinkler systems CheckMate protects your key assets.

Kidde has a solution for protecting most equipment used in forestry harvesting and processing operations called the Sentinel Vehicle Fire Suppression system. Machines used in the timber industry are often subjected to wide temperature ranges, rugged terrain and harsh weather. These environmental challenges make the job tough even without the isolation of many operating sites and the abundance of fuel and ignition sources. Wood chips, twigs, leaves and other debris added to the Class B fuels, such as lubricants and hydraulic fluids, present ample oppourtunity for fires to take hold- fire that if not fought quickly threaten the operator, machine and the surrounding forests. The Kidde Sentinel Vehicle System is an integrated fire protection solution that includes state-of-the-art detection and control. Coupled with a tailored suppression package, the Sentinel System is flexible, easy to maintain and it specifically designed for applications such as timber and forestry. This system features multipurpose Dry Chemical agent for traditional multipurpose protection, dual agent system that combine wet and dry chemical and best-in-class infrared sensing technology and the AquaGreen XT aqueous agent effective for class A debris fire, as well as Class B oil, lube and fuel fires Download Kidde PDF Brochure »

ANSUL also offers forestry protection fire suppression solutions. For more than 40 years, ANSUL vehicle suppression systems have been the answer, successfully protecting machines and the people who operate them around the clock. These systems are designed for today’s demands. ANSUL dry chemical and LVS liquid agent fire suppression systems represents forestry’s most complete set of fire suppression solutions: Download Ansul PDF Brochure »

For those who desire automatic detection and actuation, a CHECKFIRE SC-N system is the answer. In addition to the primary fire suppression system, the ANSUL Red Line Cartridge-Operated Hand Portable Extinguisher is a rugged, durable and reliable unit that suppresses Class A, B and C fires.

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