CheckMate Fire Prevention Inc. Home Life Safety Plan

CheckMate Fire Prevention Inc. Home Life Safety Plan

Posted on: August 16, 2017

Having a family plan in the event of an emergency is vital to ensure your family’s safety. CheckMate has created a list to help you create your Home Life Safety Plan.

Download the CheckMate Home Life Safety Plan

  • Have a family meeting to make a plan in case of an emergency in your home. This plan should be practised at least twice a year and everyone should understand it. Escape routes are important in the event you need to leave your home quickly. Remove items that block windows and doors. By practising this plan, you are ensuring you have clear escape routes to get out safe.
  • Start by creating a Home Life Safety Floor Plan. Note two exits out of each room including windows and doors. Also note the location of each smoke detector. This is a great way to involve children in fire safety in a non-threatening way.

Download the CheckMate Home Life Safety Floor Plan Checklist and Template

  • A closed door may slow the spread of smoke, heat and fire. Smoke detectors should be installed in every sleeping room, outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home.
  • Choose a meeting place outside and a safe distance away from the home. This could be a neighbour’s house, a sign, a tree etc. Make sure this meeting place is clearly marked on your Home Life Safety Floor Plan.
  • Responding emergency personnel need to be able to see your street number visible from the road. If it’s not clear, install house numbers.
  • All members of the household should know how to dial 911 to reach emergency personnel on a cell phone and landline. 911
  • Delegate a family member and back-up to assist with infants, elderly or family members with disabilities. During your practises, make sure the delegates are assisting family members that need help to get to safety to ensure it can be done quickly and safely.
  • If you have security bars on doors and windows ensure they have a release on the inside so they can be opened in case of an emergency.
  • When having guests at your home, review your Home Life Safety Plan with them. It’s also important to ask about others safety plans when you are staying with them, especially when kids are having sleepovers.
  • Most important, when a smoke detector or fire alarm goes off… get out immediately! Once you are out… stay out!

In case of an emergency, call 911!



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